People Can Be Sweet - If You Ask Permission

There are many strangers at beaches you may not want to trust. However, people generally use their instrincts and follow certain rules of conduct for safety's sake. By asking politely to take pictures, offer your identification and state the purpose of the session you will save lots of time in the effort to obtain photos.


Photographing piers at sunset is one of the easiest assignments you can get--but you have to work hard as the light changes and there's a narrow window of opportunity to grab the light.

Pier Positions

Photographing a pier is easy, right? Not necessarily. You may want to take pictures on the pier looking down or to the horizon, but you really shouldn't miss the views from the beach with the sun setting between the pier pilings.

Tripod May Help

  • If you're looking for the dynamo shot with the ocean well-lit, you may not see the brilliant colors of the sky but as the day darkens, the camera's still getting it and the results are usually pretty good. Bring a tripod to squeeze out some beautiful lights and maybe some motion of the ocean.


Thank you for visiting! Just remember to practice, practice. Return to photograph a pier sunset again. Each sunset is different so there's no room for boredom.

Photo Regulations

While our privacy policy offers the standard information, our goal is to provide you and your family with safe surfing on our website.

Sports Photography

Most beach sports photographers don't make a full time living in the trade, but they do have fun. Some of the best surf photographers, for instance, are surfers, themselves.

People Pictures

Everyone can take sunsets. Stock agencies have far too many. People pictures for editorial and advertising are in demand. If you can see a face, get a photo release!