California Beach Resort Photos

There's no guarantee that you'll make a living taking pictures of beaches, but you'll have a great time.

Just think about this: 75 percent of the Earth is water and it's mostly ocean. The beach is the borderline where humans can live but still interact with that 75 percent of global nature in all its glory.

Bios Are Like Obituaries or Grave Stones

Part of the California Beach Photos stock image files are hotel and resorts pictures. The primary use of those photographs are to promote the editorial content and hotel reviews appearing on our California Travel News websites.  If you are a hotel manager, owner or marketing professional representing a hotel property, please Contact Us for information about representation of your hotel or arrangements for a photo shoot and review of your property by our staff.  We work with many properties throughout the State of California and welcome your queries! Some hotels we've photographed have included Hilton Hotels, Marriott, Hyatt Regency Resorts, Lighthouse Inn in Pismo Beach, Anaheim-Disneyland properties, Wyndham Hotels and many more.


Portfolios are important (necessary) if you are looking for REAL, paying photo job.

Photo Regulations

Each city has different rules and regulations about taking portraits commercially at California beaches. Of course we know that low end photographers are looking to save a buck so they head to beaches with few or no fees and restrictions.

Sports Photography

Most beach sports photographers don't make a full time living in the trade, but they do have fun. Some of the best surf photographers, for instance, are surfers, themselves.

People Pictures

Everyone can take sunsets. Stock agencies have far too many. People pictures for editorial and advertising are in demand. If you can see a face, get a photo release!