4th of July Junkie

Fans of the 4th, join the club.

If you love the 4th of July then you are not alone. The majority of Americans do.

Celebrate Independence Day

4th of July Junkie

Red, white and blue go so well together. To many they are just colors, but for Americans, they represent values, heritage, upbringing, and a happy celebration - Independence Day. The 4th of July somehow brings out the kid and the small town in all of us, regardless of where we reside.

One year I volunteered to help produce the local 4th of July Parade in my town. I had enjoyed the event before, so it seemed only right to give back as my thanks. I had no idea what a huge task it would become. I was asked to raise over $100,000 in a few short months to pay for the event and fireworks show. I am not a salesman and had never done fundraising so it was a new challenge.

If I hadn't been practically hijacked into hopping on board the parade committee float and riding in the parade, I would never have seen thousands of people actually yelling out thanks for the parade. It was actually kind of shocking that others showed their appreciation - totally unexpected. I was really happy and proud after the event was over that I had worked my hardest and made a difference. I chose not to volunteer another year, but still, I will always remember how much people sitting and watching seem to enjoy the celebration.


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