California Dreaming


Where's the Best Place to Live?

There are women named Debbie Stock all over the world. Some are famous cricket players in England, doctors, HR professionals, photographers, writers, bloggers, marketers, etc. In the city and metropolitan area in which this publisher, Debbie Stock lives, there are several Debbie Stocks, as I discovered when a collection agency contacted me looking for THE OTHER ONE in town. It seems THAT Debbie Stock was in arrears on her account.

Whether your name is Debbie Stock or Jack Black, you're bound to come across someone else that has the name at least once in your life. And where do all these Stocks, Smiths, Blacks and Whites reside? They live everywhere, and most like where they reside. But if you want to know where the best place to live is, the answer should be a place where you are happy waking up every day.

This particular Debbie Stock has traveled around the world and enjoyed seeing beautiful scenery, meeting great people, and discovering the endless options available. However, when you wake up each day near the ocean, smell the sea salt air, enjoy fantastic weather, and sunshine nearly all the time, California's still got the magic.


Portfolios are important (necessary) if you are looking for REAL, paying photo job.

Photo Regulations

Each city has different rules and regulations about taking portraits commercially at California beaches. Of course we know that low end photographers are looking to save a buck so they head to beaches with few or no fees and restrictions.

Sports Photography

Most beach sports photographers don't make a full time living in the trade, but they do have fun. Some of the best surf photographers, for instance, are surfers, themselves.

People Pictures

Everyone can take sunsets. Stock agencies have far too many. People pictures for editorial and advertising are in demand. If you can see a face, get a photo release!