The Misconception About California Girls
California gets a bad rap, but it gets a lot of positive press, too. Songs portray the state as a beautiful place (which it is) with drop dead gorgeous girls. OK, letís get real now. There are many beautiful girls. But out of nearly 38 million people, how many (what percent) do you think are really gorgeous? About 5% max. If you go to a beach or walk down the street, youíll notice everybody looks at the gorgeous people and the rest just blend into woodwork, unless theyíre particularly noticeable for some reason.

We all love the songs and romantic notions about California. Itís what drives millions of people to visit and move to the state. But after the lack of work kicks in, and the highest taxes in the U.S. take away your income so you barely can survive, you see the other side of California. Beauty is only skin deep when it comes to paying the bills. Even the most beautiful girls in the world have to pay up in California. And just being beautiful doesnít give you a free admission or ticket to ride.

If you love beautiful girls, look around you. You have just as good a chance of finding them in Kansas, New York, San Paulo, Cozumel, and Rome.