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Distant Relatives

When Relatives from Your Past Come to Call
We love our families, most the time. But we don't necessarily love everyone the same. In fact, there are some family members we'd be just as happy not seeing most the time-or at all. In my family of approx. 55 cousins (give or take a few) I think there are some I've never met and would not know if I walked past them on the street. That's OK, and I'll tell you why.

The cousins that I do know and have entered my family's lives are a mixed bag. Some have lots going on and are positive forces. Others are lonely, lost energy suckers seeking a connection and somebody to help them on their path. In one case, the person is able bodied but doesn't want to work. They come around looking for places to sleep and handouts, and they'll stick around till someone tells them they have to go. I guess you have to figure that when you have 55 cousins and you know a portion of them, there will be one or two using the family card for whatever reason.

For those who feel sad that they are the are the sole survivors of a family line, there are some positive aspects to picking your friends and making them your family.


Portfolios are important (necessary) if you are looking for REAL, paying photo job.

Photo Regulations

Each city has different rules and regulations about taking portraits commercially at California beaches. Of course we know that low end photographers are looking to save a buck so they head to beaches with few or no fees and restrictions.

Sports Photography

Most beach sports photographers don't make a full time living in the trade, but they do have fun. Some of the best surf photographers, for instance, are surfers, themselves.

People Pictures

Everyone can take sunsets. Stock agencies have far too many. People pictures for editorial and advertising are in demand. If you can see a face, get a photo release!