Keep Life Flowing in a Positive Direction
Itís a fantastic situation when your life flows and you know you are doing the right thing day after day. But many face challenges, lack of work, health problems, getting old, etc. The saying of turning the scars into stars is never truer than now. At some point you realize that life isnít a given. Itís a capsule of time that will endĖand thatís for certain.

Do you have any dreams, aspirations and things that seem appealing that you havenít had the opportunity to experience? Start small and do one thing today that is out of the ordinary. Maybe it could be five minutes of silence and smiles, five minutes of listening to inspiring music, or writing in a diary. You could even help one person out.

Being self-absorbed seems to multiply the focus on ďmeĒ.

I met some exceptional ladies yesterday at the county fair who sat at a table knitting hats. They talked to people but didnít stop knitting. And why? They were knitting hats for cancer patients to give away to them free of charge. They each paid for the yarn and they learned to knit so they could help out. One woman knits a hat per day and has done so for several years. Why? Just to help less fortunate people. Another had health problems last year and needed to do something with her leisure time. She heard about the Knots of Love hats for cancer patients program and learned to knit so she could help someone else.

These giving women are truly happy when they hear about the joy the hats bring and warmth they create for chills people experience during cancer treatment. This is just one idea about getting yourself out of a rut and moving into a happy spot where things will flow once again.