Job Hunting

Unless it falls into your lap, you'll have to look for a job once in a while.


If you think you're getting cut loose from a job, try to find a new job while you have one.

Looking for a Job

Don't Leave that job until you have a new one!
If you want to stay in the workforce but need to move in a different direction--such as being on the verge of being let-go or fired due to differences with the management, begin looking for a new position. It's a lot easier to get a job when you are popular and harder to get one when you are tainted goods.

If you look at the people in a company who know they're getting axed, or those who want more pay and a career path, you'll find several types. There are those who take long lunches (to meet for interviews elsewhere) and those who looked depressed because they can't handle the prospects of moving on. The ones who fair better generally are those who look forward to that next gig. Of course, some hope to receive unemployment and a chance to take a government paid vacation.

How many times have you had a friend call or you've been on the calling end on the verge of quitting, due to harassment, unfair work conditions, etc.? It happens to most of us at least once in our work life. It's a real drag when it happens more rather than less.

I got a call from a friend who didn't have the type of counseling I had when she took over my job in a company. She wasn't really a friend, but became one as we shared our horror stories about work conditions. The friend couldn't take it one day and she quit. I didn't get a chance to tell her to hang in there because she snapped, and then called me.

Of course it was hard for her to find a job, check to see if her files had been tampered with in her current position, etc. I had been in her shoes but was fortunate to have someone to share my problems with. They told me to leave on my own terms when I was ready and not let the bully shoe me off. Boy was that great advice! While I returned to my own venture that I had previously managed, I contemplated looking for other assignments and jobs and did check out a few before making my decision. I was in demand as long as I was in a job. I was actually offered several positions but none were right for me--they weren't my passion. I was lucky to choose my path and wasn't forced into working for someone else. I wasn't desperate.

The take-away is: remain confident in your abilities. You are good at something and will be an asset to some company. You have some experience and should focus on that. Don't let your current job derail your positive attitude and opinion of yourself. Unfortunately, this happens far too much and we begin to think we're no good. When that happens, you need to change the situation. Good luck!


General advice about job hunting doesn't apply in all situations. Still, it is useful to talk to others and get help in your job hunt.


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