Men on the Outside Waiting
foo clothes

I was driving by in a car looking at a Balboa Island scene that struck me as kind of funny. There is one women’s boutique on the island that always has their display window open (yea, anybody could grab the stuff and run,) The items they sell are big, bold, and appeal to a certain kind of gal, not to everyone, and generally not to teens.

Outside is a public bench where men sit, waiting, and not really knowing what to look at. If they stare straight ahead, they see knitted purses, sparkly belts, big, floppy hats, draped scarves, necklaces with starfish, high heels with sequins… it is so feminine–and so boring for the guys!

Wouldn’t it be perfect if the proprietor placed a flat screen TV amongst the women’s paraphernalia broadcasting the day’s best sports? The guys would be totally immersed, and they’d love to let women shop. You could just hear the conversation…”Sure honey, you look great… Touchdown!”