Value of Mentoring

Pictured is Wyland, a talented painter who understands the value of mentoring. He is constantly working to inspire youth to learn about the ocean and express themselves through art. Wyland is involved in countless public appearances that involve communities. He has also has a foundation working to promote conservation and cleaner, healthier oceans.

As a web publisher I am contacted often by budding photographers (more than writers) who are seeking to develop their business skills and perhaps carve a path for themselves as professionals. Most have existing jobs to pay the bills.

For those who have an expertise in particular subjects, the benefits of sharing your knowledge arenít necessarily financial. However, if you can find the time to offer support and encouragement to others just entering the field, you actually can gain something out of it for yourself beyond simple satisfaction. The synergy that comes from helping newcomers is undeniable. It can give you that fresh outlook once again, or show you a new way of looking at things that you have done for so many years that you hardly can remember a time when the routine wasnít second nature.

The Internet and social media are tools that make it especially easy to connect with others of similar interests, but the key is to not waste time going down paths that are of no real benefit or not a match to your abilities and talents. In general, you can tell by the initial contact or several if relationships are worth pursuing. I highly recommend giving it a try!