Importance of Professional Organizations Ė Price VS Value
award recognition

If you run a business or are an independent contractors, freelancer, or wannabe in particular fields, one of the best ways of connecting is to join a professional organization dedicated to that area of interest. Pictured above is a recognition ceremony at a professional organizationís annual conference. While each company or individual must weigh the value of fees for being a member of such groups versus value, attend a meeting or event as a guest to see if it may serve your interests.

RECOGNITION: Professional organization offer members recognition for exceptional products, services, skills, and ideas through contests, licensing and other programs.

JOB HUNTING, LEAD GATHERING: Some organizations such as local advertising and public relations clubs help those seeking jobs to ask around among members in an effort to get leads for new clients or learn about companies that are hiring. Sure, you can go to their websites to see if any jobs are posted, but many jobs are actually obtained through old-fashioned word of mouth.

EDUCATION: When youíre working with limited resources, itís especially easy to miss out on the newest products and trends or ways of doing things in your field. A professional organization is constantly being contacted by vendors and suppliers of products of interest to its members and can save you lots of time in searching on your own. Professional organizations also host workshops and special seminars to teach members or enhance their skills.

RELAXATION: Thereís nothing like find an entire room of like-minded individuals who speak your language and actually love what you do. Professional organizations provide that venue and opportunity for you to find a home and be understood. You come out of the gathering, conference or meeting feeling happy and energized.

Debbie Stock has been hired by professional organizations in telecommunications, energy, medical, travel & transportation to provide photographic and news reporting coverage of their 3 day conferences and special events.