Do Businesses Maintain Their Social Networks & Websites Well?
The answer is no! Here’s what’s wrong….

I write stories, work on calendar of events items and look for accurate information from cities, municipalities, chambers of commerce, event planners, destination management organizations, wineries, concert venues, etc. But when I look for updates about events I discover that:

a. The source website hasn’t been updated (or)

b. The source’s Facebook page was abandoned a year, two years or three years ago (or)

c. The source’s Twitter account has tweets that say something like: Come to our concert tonight – minus any details (or)

d. Twitter tweets invite guests to an event with a link for “more information” linked to Facebook where no information exists (or)

e. A phone number is listed but you can’t get a hold of anyone (or)

d. A phone number is listed but the person tells you they aren’t involved anymore.

These are a few of the scenarios I come across on a daily basis. Is there a way to fix this mess that all these social networks have created? Yes!

1. Determine your “home”. Is it your website, Facebook, or Twitter? I recommend the website be your permanent home for accurate information since it is the only property you own and have full control over. On Facebook and Twitter you are a “user” and subject to the whims of management.

2. Be sure that you keep your home updated. When events are planned, post them in the calendar or on the home page. If you maintain the home, at a minimum, you can send people from the various social networks to your home for more information.

3. Don’t flip flop between the home as your source and Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. The information becomes less reliable as it gets scattered so that no one knows where to find it.