Onto Summer, Let’s Go!
Summer travel tips from Debbie Stock

photoAre you ready to get down to business and experience the finest that summer has to offer? You are not alone. If you had been able to go sooner or you can travel after September, prices on hotel rooms are bound to drop. But the majority of us must go with the masses and enjoy the summer vacation–it is what it is.

Photo tips for this summer trip:

Be sure to have plenty of “ammo”–batteries, memory chips, and storage function for all the great images you plan to capture.
Think Christmas. Do you have your holiday card planned yet? Get a great family photo of everyone having fun in the warm summer sun. Hold the picture back and don’t post it to soocial media just yet. Keep it aside for Christmas. When you send family, friends and acquaintances a sandy beach scene during the winter freeze, it will bring a smile. And if you live in California or Florida, it may even bring extra guests to your house!
Don’t get burned! In addition to staying safe & secure during your travels, don’t physically get burned by over-exposure to the sun.
Debbie Stock is a professional photographer and journalist who publishes travel stories, appears in publications and specializes in travel information for consumers.