Letís Go Surfing Now Stock Photos
Stock photos donít necessarily start out as such. Many professional and amateur photographers share passions for sports such as surfing, one of the most beautiful to photograph in California. I am among the fans of surfing as one who doesnít get out in the ocean and ride the waves, but when I watch surfers I become an enthusiast for their experiences. My lack of surfing abilities has held me back from predicting the great waves and photographing. If you find yourself in that category, stand next to a surfer who will explain the process and soon, youíll be in the know, as well. Surf photos are a dime a dozen. But when a brochure or other marketing piece requires a particular composition, surfing photos can came to the rescue and make the assigned space jump with excitement. Pictured is a photo I took standing on the Huntington Beach Pier. The surfer is Chris Waring. He has won many awards for his surfing abilities.